6 Reasons for Cart Abandonment & How to Avoid Them

Cart abandonment is the biggest concern that most of the eCommerce businesses are dealing with. According to the statistics, nearly 67.91%  of online shoppers leave their carts abandoned. Cart abandonment is the term, used for people who add products to their carts and leave without completing the checkout and payment process.

You may have a great website you design and strong marketing strategies to promote your business on the virtual world, but there are always chances that your business is likely to face cart abandonment issue. There are businesses who create different strategies to deal with this issue, but the most common mistake they are likely to make is to avoid the reasons.

It’s a simple calculation; if you want to eliminate the problem, try determining the reasons why it is happening. I researched through various methods to come up with the most common reasons that people abandon their carts. Once you know them, it would be easier to deal with them as well.

In this post, you’re going to learn about the top 6 reasons of cart abandonment and how to deal with them to reduce cart abandonment on your site to boost conversions.

1. Additional or higher unexpected charges

The price tag is the first thing that people have a look at, in order to make their final decision of buying it. If your price tag is attractive, they’d like to add the product to their carts, but they are also likely to leave the cart abandoned if the additional charges are higher than beyond acceptance.

Of course, there may be charges that would add to your cart’s total value, but the charges should never be higher than their expectations. You may want to add some shipping charges and taxes to the original price during checkout process. If the additional charges are more than what the buyers expected, it may frustrate and anger them, causing them to abandon their shopping carts.

  • Unexpected shipping cost was the top reason for shopping cart abandonment.
  • Over 61% of people abandon their carts as they feel shipping cost too high.
  • Over 24% people leave carts because they can’t calculate total product cost beforehand.


As an online retailer, there are some charges that you can’t waive as it may lead to loss for your business. However, it should not affect your conversion rate either. Hence, it is always better to make your shoppers ready for the additional charges that they may need to pay during the checkout process. This can be done by setting realistic expectations right from the start so.

If you offer free shipping for a particular cart cost, make sure to let your shoppers know about it. Display the information clearly and prominently on your product pages.

There may be incidents when the total order amount qualifies for the free shipping, but a few products in the cart don’t qualify. Considering the Amazon’s example can be a great choice. It takes care of carefully displaying the fixed shipping charge on the product page so that the customers won’t get an unpleasant surprise when they decide to checkout.

See how beautifully Amazon displays the shipping information to buyers.


2. Mandatory registration for order placement

We all are living in a busy world where everyone is using the technology simply to save their time. And online shopping is the biggest example of it. Most people buy products online just because they can’t afford to visit a local store simply to explore products and shop. But, if the order placement process is made difficult and time-consuming, shoppers may get discouraged and move to the platforms where they can place orders easily.

Having to create a new account to complete purchase often frustrates the potential customers. This has been stated as the second biggest reason for shopping cart abandonment.


There is only one way you can make buying faster and fun for the buyers – make it easier. And this can be done simply by allowing buyers to complete order placement as a guest or let them signup with their social media accounts. Both these features can be added for the additional convenience.

There are free and paid plugins available to integrate this functionality on your websites.

Guest Checkout – It is a process where shoppers can easily complete their purchases without creating an account. Instead, they can just provide their email address where the product invoice can be sent for further process.

Social Media Signup – It lets online buyers to complete shopping process simply by registering through their social media credentials.

You can see in the given screenshot that the company is offering both Guest Checkout and Social Media Signup features.


3. Checkout takes too much time

Another common reason that online shoppers abandon carts is the confusing and time-consuming checkout process. This point may be closely linked to the ‘second point,’ as signup is a part of checkout process. But, here I am going to talk about the overall checkout process. During the checkout process, shoppers provide all the required information for order placement and shipping like billing info, and the payment process as well.


The default checkout process may be multistep which makes the order placement time confusing and encourages consumers to purchase from a competitor or simply leave the product in the cart.

The best way to deal with this problem is to reduce the number of the form fields you may feel aren’t absolutely necessary for customers to complete their purchases. Also, there are multiple plugin available to facilitate consumers with a one-step checkout. With the one-step checkout, consumers will only need to fill in the required fields.

Also, you can reduce the frustration by displaying the progress of their checkout process. It not only makes buyers aware about the time that would be required to complete the process, but also allows them to easily go back and make the necessary corrections whenever required.

4. They don’t feel it safe

The biggest concern the online buyers face is the security of their personal information, which results as the most common reason behind cart abandonment. You may be using a great and highly secure payment platform, but there is no use if the shoppers don’t know that. In such cases, they may hesitate to enter their card details. Around 18% of shoppers abandon their carts because they don’t trust the sites.


According to the experts, displaying trust seals next to the CTA button usually relieves customer anxiety.

Modern Coin Mart is an online retailer of rare coins and is utilizing the trust seal to successfully increase sales and win customers’ trust.


5. Lack of customer support

The biggest reason that some people still love to shop from the brick-and-mortar stores is that they feel secure about their products and they know who to come back whenever required. In most cases, people visit local stores with someone to suggest them about the product and how it looks on them. However, the same facility is not available with the online shopping.

Shoppers may want to get satisfying solutions to their queries, which can be done only through a professional customer care service.


Integrating a love chat feature lets your online shoppers to communicate with your sales team every time they face some problems with buying or product selection. It gives them a sense of confidence about buying the product from an online platform. According to researchers, over 51% of online shoppers claim to purchase products from a website with live chat facility.

Also, there are chatbots available to support customers’ buying decisions and solve their queries instantly that too without hiring any professional sales representatives. Identify the most common queries your customers ask and these chatbots will handle their problems carefully.

6. Lack of payment options

In most cases, eCommerce businesses fail to survive just because they don’t realize the importance of not providing different payment methods to customers. Nearly 50% of online shoppers make their buying decisions depending upon the payment option they are offered. And if they don’t find a reliable payment option, they’d better decide to leave.


Before you start looking for the solution, it is important to have thorough information of your target audience and what payment gateway is the most preferred for online transactions. The fact is, more payment options bring new and more customers. Hence, it is better to include more popular payment gateways on your website. Offering cash on delivery is a great choice as well.

Offering customers to pay through PayPal & Google Checkout could be a great option, especially if you are dealing with international transactions.

Final words

There may be many other reasons for cart abandonment we didn’t mention in this post, because we’ve ensured listing only the top causes. Of course, you can’t stop all users from abandoning their basket, but considering these reasons and their solutions will help you cut the cart abandonment rate.

I have noticed many eCommerce websites making small mistakes when it comes to checkout process and hence their cart abandonment rate increases. Hope the above-mentioned information helps fix with the most common problem of eCommerce world.

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