Driving Customer Loyalty by Providing an Amazing App Experience

In today’s digital world, consumer’s lives revolve around smartphones. Undoubtedly, smartphones are the most private devices for an individual, like everything right from social communication, social media, email, banking etc. can be accessed at their fingertips. Hence to gain customer loyalty, and to build your brand image, offering an amazing in-app experience to them is the need of the hour.

Customer Loyalty

As a retailer or businessman one has to appreciate that consumers are ready to invest their time and trust by downloading your app. They are ready to share their personal information and financial information on the app for payment purpose. Click To Tweet Hence you have to ensure that the data provided by them is safe and the app experience they receive while browsing is worthy of their time.

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If your end consumers are giving you a chance to enter their private zone through your app, as a retailer you will be required to return the favor by making their app experience smooth and personal similar to the other apps downloaded on their phone.

An extraordinary customer experience involves generating events which are pertinent to their individual needs and the products they are looking for.

Conducting “Events” does not mean in-store promotions, it also means showcasing an all-inclusive product inventory, providing a hassle-free purchase transaction, offering first-rate customer support, offering products at profitable rates, which will make your customer feel important and special.

The outcome of providing the above to the customers will increase their customer loyalty, resulting in repeat purchases and building a great reputation through word-of-mouth.

Improve Your App’s Customer Experience to gain Customer Loyalty

1. Optimizing the app’s visibility

To gain customer loyalty and prompt a viewer to download your app and use it, they will need to know about the advantages of downloading your app. You can optimize your app’s visibility on various play stores by providing the prospective app users a preview of the experience your app offers. App Store optimization is similar to SEO, it helps in making your App visible and on higher ranks in search results. Online users generally search on the App Store or Google Play Store for the latest shopping apps.

You can make your app conspicuous and on top of the search rankings, by following these tips:

  • Simple name: Try giving your app a simple name which can simply indicate what your brand deals in. For example, the manufacturer of Simplicity Hair Oil has not changed the app name, which makes it very easy for consumers to understand what the product is. Try keeping the app name short, as only around 19-34 characters are displayed in the search results.
  • App description: Write a detailed app description on why downloading the app is beneficial to the consumer. Write about your store and what you sell. If your brand has a slogan or buzzwords, do not forget to include them too.
  • Screenshots: Create attractive screenshots which can be displayed in your app store listing. This screenshot will build the first impression of the app journey to the consumers.Make your app conspicuous

2. Beautiful and Attractive App Design

Since ages, retailers and departmental stores have been keeping their stores brightly-lit, well-organized, and elegant to increase the footfall in their stores and to build customer loyalty. Similarly, E-commerce websites want to ensure that their web pages are modern, eye-catching, and simple to navigate. The app is no exception to this requirement. You will need to ensure that the app has attractive images, easy to read typography, elegant and aesthetic layouts. Princess Nail Supply has built a striking app which is colorful, creative and displays their products beautifully.

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Beautiful and Attractive App Design

3. Make the App journey simple and uncomplicated

Browsing on a smartphone can at times be overwhelming. Users can get confused as they open different menus, tabs, etc. Hence the key to keeping the user logged on to your app is to keep it simple to use. Keep an organized homepage which features the most popular or seasonal products. Introduce category wise pages, so people can move directly to the category of product they are looking for, rather than searching through the whole app. For example, separate pages for women’s shoes, men’s shoes, kid’s shoes etc.  Secondly try placing the search bar on the top of the app, where people can easily locate it. It becomes easier for the user to search the app for what they are looking for.  Enjuku Racing Parts has selected an apt name for the name as they are sellers of auto parts for a wide range of cars.

They have successfully implemented their app with category lists based on types of cars, types of parts, etc. making the search for the right product simple and uncomplicated. When a user has a hassle-free experience on the app, you can be assured that you have gained their customer loyalty.

Make the App journey simple and uncomplicated

4. Push notification automation

Those little messages from different apps which are reflected on the lock screen are called Push Notifications. Push notifications have a way to make the customer feel special because they are personalized. They play a major role in driving app sales, converting customers and building customer loyalty.

Computerized messaging may not sound like a personalized contact, however, it is not so. Like targeted advertisements on Facebook, apps track the customer data and behavior and then target these customers with specific products which are of their preference or they have shown interest in.  Ways to use Push notifications:

  • Alert the users regarding any sales promotions for products they have viewed earlier or are in their wishlist.
  • Remind the users about products which are left behind in the cart, waiting to complete the sales order.

Seven Clothing Company has a strong push notification campaign which drives their revenue and sales to a large extent.

Push notification automation

5. Incentivize your customers

What are the consumers looking for? What do they expect from their favorite brands? The answer is Good Deals! Discounted products. You can make your customers happy by offering them lucrative deals and offers, time to time using the push notifications.

Some of the examples are:

  • Offering a personalized code for 15% on all products or 10% on footwear.
  • You can send a promotional code for their next purchase, as a thank you for the present purchase they have made on your app. This will motivate them to revisit the app for more purchases
  • Notifying customers about free shipping offer
  • You can also lure your inactive users to visit the app and make some purchases by sending miss your discount codes.

6. Facebook Live and Instagram Live events

The latest trend for businesses which have large social media followers is to hold online “parties”. These online live events are methods to engage your customers by displaying the latest range of products or by announcing a sale etc.

Through these events, inform your customers that the deals or information is available only on the app, thereby motivating them to download the app and browse through it.

You can also send push notifications during the live event, where the viewers can click on the notification to open the product page directly.

You can hold regular Facebook Live events, which can be easily accessed by customers from their app without logging into Facebook separately.

Facebook Live and Instagram Live events

7. Make checkout simple and easy

It is very important to make the checkout process simple and easy for the customer. A quick checkout, will improve the customer experience and motivate them to return again for another purchase. You can link your checkout page to Facebook or Google, to register the customer’s information.

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  • If your products are expensive, then you should consider offering a monthly payment system so that your customers need not worry about paying the full amount upfront. You can collaborate with service providers like Affirm Monthly Payments, which pays you the full amount for the product but collect monthly payments from your customer.
  • You can introduce a credit card scanner on the checkout page, this will save the customer from typing the card details.
  • Collaborate with various digital wallets like Apple Pay, Paypal, Amazon Pay etc. Shoppers have already started loading their digital wallets with money or with their card details. Hence they can complete the checkout process in a jiffy, by just selecting their digital wallet for payment.

Make checkout simple and easy

8. Customer Service to build Customer Loyalty

Where customer experience ends, the work of customer service begins. Make sure that you provide your company’s contact information in the app. You can provide either a hotline number or an email address dedicated for addressing queries and issues faced by the consumers. You can also introduce interactive chat messenger so that your customers can approach the customer service representative immediately through the app.

A flattering customer experience followed by an impactful customer service program will surely retain your customers and build customer loyalty in them.

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Customer loyalty


Final Words

Physical stores or showrooms or the company’s website is not available at the tip of the customer’s fingers. As a company you cannot communicate instantly with customers through a website, however, with the power of push notifications, you can do so through your app.

Once you have gained the confidence of the customers and provided them with amazing shopping experience on the app, it is the time to then focus on retaining them and building customer loyalty.

You can do this by implementing a smart push campaign, offering incentives, and always informing them about the latest products and events if any. This will hook your customers permanently and you will have a strong base of loyal customers.

Mobile marketing may look confusing and difficult to you, but in truth, it is a science. It is a simple process if the guidelines are followed and implemented correctly. Also, it is beneficial to both the e-commerce company as well as the end consumer.

Evaluate and understand what is wrong with your company’s shopping experience. Find out what frustrates the customer and deters him from shopping with you. Study and figure out solutions which will enhance the customer’s experience and not deter them from shopping.

Build a stunning and high-functioning app which will attract downloads and converts sales for you. At the same time do not forget that any app’s superpower is retaining customers and gaining customer loyalty.


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