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This post is recently updated on 08 November 2018.

The toughest part of selling online is to find product trends. This requires loads of research and accurate judgment of how a particular product will perform, how customers will react to the overall market and up-coming marketing trends. It is practically difficult to come up with a consolidated guideline to find trending products. By catching the wave, you will be able to make more sales of the product.

The biggest challenge online sellers face today is, every niche has a different trend.  A seller should be knowing what people want to buy. Running out on trending products could badly hamper your sales.

Many times, by the time you find out trends in the products; the fad is over and the products are no longer in demand. Moreover, trends vary based on a geographical region. Well, simply put a long story short, you need to do tons of research about trending products before you enter the market and even after you enter the market.

Some of biggest blunders in e-commerce selling are-

  • Not focusing much on customer demand
  • Ignoring customer feedbacks
  • Fewer post-sales customer interaction
  • Not showcasing enough product details
  • Use of too less automated tools to simplify e-commerce selling
  • Missing out on your unique proposition value
  • Lack of geographical market understanding
  • Having difficult navigation to find products

To solve all of these issues, it is extremely important to focus and find trending products to sell online. From a customer’s perspective, the ability to shop by trends allows them to easily browse products. This helps in keeping the customers hooked and keep shopping. Below we have consolidated a detailed guideline on how to find trending products to sell online.


Guideline on how to find trending products to sell online-

1. Google Trends

In case you are not sure about the popularity of a product, then you can check it out on Google Trends. It is by far the most popular tool to find out trends. Google trends clearly show the viability, trendiness, and popularity of the product specific to regions. 

This is a free tool and is extremely simple to use. It provides a comprehensive graph, showing pictorially how the product is performing.

For instance, you want to know whether or not a particular product or niche would work well for you; then there is a method to do it. Just type in the search keyword in the search box and notice if the trend is going upwards (It provides you data from as long as 2004). A cynical pattern means that the product is seasonal; the dips and peaks at the same time every year proves the point. However, if the product is peaking upwards, it is worth selling online. Data from the past one year won’t convey a clear picture. For this, you should look at data from 5 year.

The step-by-step guide to use Google trends:

  1. Select a niche. Use Google searches for an overview.
  2. Build a mind map. This is to figure out the target niches for your product.
  3. Go to In the search box, enter your product idea. Note down the suggestions for the niche.
  4. Alternatively, you can use another online tool “Suggester” to scrape the suggestions. In it, enter the product idea. In this manner, you will get more queries people are searching for. These are the trends. You can also use Google Keyword Planner Tool.
  5. Evaluate your choice of product.
  6. Check the market size of the product niche you have selected.
  7. Check the competition. Are you new or is there some competition?
  8. Is the potential market growing? Or is it just a fad or trend or stable. A stable market is a safe choice to be in.
  9. Is your product available locally?
  10. Do you know your target customers?
  11. Once these criteria are set, you have successfully used the Google Trends to find a product to sell online.

Suppose you have an online store for toys. We have searched “Action Figures” in google trends and got the below results-


As you can see, this has a varying trend. Along with the product popularity, google trends also gives you trends based on geographical regions.


With google trends, you can also filter based on a specific country. Below is a filtering based on the United States.


Along with region specifications, you can also provide the number of months you wish to pull the trend. This could be way beyond 5 years, or even you can specify a custom time range. What is incredible, is the fact that this is not just filtered over web search, but one can also see trends based on Image search, News search, Google shopping or YouTube search.

Google trends, also have options to compare items. So in case you want to sell multiple items, you can very quickly do a comparison for the popularities of the item. Below we have compared Action figures, Fidget, Hasbro and Marvel series toys.


Out of this, clearly, Marvel series toys stand out with a more or less consistent trend. Google trends are amazingly simple to use and a powerful way to deduce trends of your products.

A good explanation of google trends is provided in

2. Research on Popular Online Sellers

Besides general popularity trends, you can hack an existing marketplace to discover bestselling products. This is definitely a bit more tedious job but can provide great insights into the trending products.

You can check out best-seller as shown below-


Some of the popular sites to look for are-

Some of the alternatives for JungleScout are-

  • Amachete – This has a free trial version for 14 days. The lowest plan starts at $39
  • KIPRT – It has a 3-day free trial. Starts at $39 per month
  • Scope – It has a chrome extension which is free

3. Watch out for Influencers

For a beginner, it is difficult to find out which product to sell, or if you have already made up your mind then use online tools. This way you can know and follow the influencer from the industry you have selected. Make sure you follow the correct people on social media.

Influencers can be a great way to get heads up on trending products. This can be a game changer. Pay attention to influencers and thought leaders within your niche. Follow them and see what products do they support in the social media. With their large followings and social pulls they often influence the market positions of the products and can lead to high volume sales.

The popular norm these days is looking for influencers on Instagram. These are often followed by store owners looking to connect with new audiences. These influencers can help you know what people like and this in turn becomes a parameter for knowing what is trending online, (what are the people liking and to what extent).


In the image above, Wimbledon winner, Andy Murray is seen wearing a Rado-D-Star 200 watch which immediately gained popularity amongst his followers.

Some of the best online tools to uncover the influencers online for a niche are as under:

  • Topsy
  • FollowerWonk
  • LittleBird

4. Trend Publications and Blogs

One can also explore different trend publications and blogs to get an idea of what is the current market trend in your niche of products. This is a great way to also get a grasp of competitors, trends and what people like to buy the most. 

Some of the relevant websites are-

  • Trend Hunter – It is an online community with more than 140K global members who are interested in sharing new market trends.It has one of the largest trend communities you will find online. With this website, it is guaranteed you will get noteworthy advice and tips on any ecommerce topic. Trend Hunter has new product ideas for the veteran and aspiring online entrepreneurs.Visit the website:
  • Trend Watching – It has independent team of professionals from around the world, who provide deep insights about trends in e-commerce business and product trends. The website uses a crowd-sourced team of more than 3000 trend savvy ‘spotters’ the world over to unleash new and notable products. For more information, you can read their quarterly publications, interesting, informative online articles, subscribe to their newsletters and all of them for free. You can upgrade to the paid plan to get access to more information and the tools. Visit the website:
  • Sprinwise – This is a newsletter, which provides latest trends to win business. Provides innovation around different niche and ideas that empower successful online store.Browse the various articles published in the last one month or more. If this doesn’t suffice your needs, upgrade to the paid subscription. It provides access to all things in their database. In addition to this, you can subscribe to daily or weekly newsletters full of useful information about the ecommerce operations, all for free. Visit the website:
  • Uncrate – It was launched in 2005.This is a site which mostly speaks about accessories and trends emerging in the market, related to latest accessories. It is a popular consumer product blog, mostly with curated men’s products full of men’s gear, automobiles and apparels from the world over. It has more than 1.5 monthly subscribers and more than 9000 items being covered. Every week day a new gear is posted. Visit the website:
  • Cool Material – This is again an independent portal which provides trends about different products.The unique website offers information about products and consumer goods especially used by men. So, if you wish to sell men products online, then you must check out this website. Also read their blog posts for product reviews and the recommendations they have, the how-to’s and of course the fun articles. Visit the website:
  • More inspiration – A good website which categorically divides segments to search from. It has a whole bunch of trending topics including travel, sports, technology, advertisement and many more from all the domains possible. Visit the website
  • Cool Business Ideas – This provides valuable trends on different consumer goods, fashion and many more. The site provides great ideas for anyone looking out for newer innovations.They have a vast network of business informers’ in addition to the a thorough research via multi-channels to offer cool business ideas and concepts, opportunities and systems which are fully prepared to be adapted to the local business and monitored consistently. Visit the website

These blogs and publications, will not provide you a direct list of trending products, but the information-rich content can provide good insights on what is currently happening in the market and is a good way to explore trends. You can specifically find such related websites offering trends about your product niche.

5. AliExpress

AliExpress offers bestselling and popular products across a wide range of categories such as fashion, toys, electronics and many more. Each category provides great insights into how the market is emerging.

The best sellers list on AliExpress is offered as ‘Weekly Best Sellers’ and under category ‘Hot Sellers’ for drop shipping. You can say that the hot sellers section is a directory of most popular products on AliExpress.

As a drop shipping partner you can quickly view weekly AliExpress best selling products in this section especially for holidays and those operating in niche markets. Though these are not best sellers (weekly) on AliExpress, these are trend-based selling items.

Product research method employs Aliexpress best selling lists. This is how it is done:

  • Visit
  • Go to your preferred category
  • Search for your preferred product
  • Filter the results by “Orders” and don’t miss “4-star & Up” field
  • You will see your preferred product with most orders and the highest ratings
  • These are best selling products in your preferred category
  • Repeat for more products, if you want.

The activity can be performed for any product under any category.


Visit the website:

6. Trends portrayed on e-commerce website

Some of the well-known websites such a Suzy Shier allows users to shop by category as well as by trends. So if you happen to browse through these trends, you can get to know what products are currently trending in the market.

Similarly, trending products can be checked over at popular e-commerce websites such as Amazon as shown below-



7. Instant Product Evaluator Tool

This tool evaluates whether the product you are planning to sell, is a good proposition. You list your product ideas and answer a series of questions about the product, which helps guide whether you are selling the right product. You will receive an answer through an email.

In this, you are required to evaluate your product idea against some criteria points (18 to be precise) to see if you have selected a feasible product to sell it online. These points will assist you to evaluate all the things you need to keep in check before finalizing a product.

The tool has an algorithm which will then give you a definite score between the range 1-100, explaining the score. This will help you in knowing the probable advantages and disadvantages of the product chosen as well as the niche.

This is free to use evaluator. While this provides a conceptual level evaluation of your store idea and product niche. It will not provide trends specific to a brand.

8. Popularly known product review blogs

Trending products can be easily checked on popular review blogs. These also display some of the coolest products entering the market. Popular blogs are a good source to find trending products and can help spark spinoff ideas. 

Some of the popular blogs include-

  • AcquireMag –It was introduced in 2006 and covers topic ranging from fashion, entertainment to cars, electronics and many more.Check the website:
  • Werd – one of the leading gear blogs for men, it covers a diverse range of topics from technology to grooming, from groom to sports, from books to food and many more. Check the website:
  • Bens Bargain Launched in 2000,this covers various niche(software, electronics to name a few) and provides latest deals.You can evaluate their marketing style – they try to find the lowest prices with best deals for their customers. You get to learn a thing or two about how to sell things online. Check the website:
  • Bless this stuff It is a web magazine for men.This has a newsletter along with the blog which covers topics such as technology, living, culture, sports, wear and vehicles. This site provides a conducive list of travel accessories, gadgets, and several other products.Check the website:
  • Gear Patrol – It is an online magazine launched in 2007 which has engrossing stories on cars, home, fitness, outdoors, tech, style, watches, buying guides, deals and reviews. Check the website:
  • Gear Moose – A digital magazine and store for men.This includes gear for men, also consisting of a newsletter of the most popular trends.Check the website:
  • HiConsumption –A lifestyle magazine for men.This is also a men’s accessories website and speaks about almost all day to day accessories from gear to tech to lifestyle to much more. Check the website:
  • Firebox  – Launched in 1998, A customized website which includes latest trends in home appliances, food & drinks, gadgets,lifestyle and several other items.Check the website:

Do not let your research confined to these websites only. Go to other niche blogs as well. Explore them as well keeping in mind what kind of products or niche industries you are interested in.

9. Curated blogs and Market Places

These are similar to blogs and do the heavy lifting for you, buy curating the best amongst larger marketplaces and niche.

Some of these sites are-

  • Canopy – It curates the most durable products from Amazon marketplace.Visit the website:
  • – It provides a curated list of products which can be bought from  AliExpress. These are hand selected and filtered, so saves a lot of your time without browsing through junk products

10. Business to business marketplaces

B2B marketplaces not only allow you to see the trends but also you can find the suppliers.

Some such websites are-

  • Alibaba – Launched in 1999,it is the biggest e-commerce company, even larger than eBay and Amazon combined together. It connects consumers all over the world with wholesalers and manufacturers typically from Asia. With tons of products, there is very less that you may not find in Alibaba. You can also sort products based on the revenue they generate.There are 40 main categories, including, machinery, consumer electronics and apparels. It is the go-to platform for cross-border trade of goods to help businesses – from small to big to expand.  Website:
  • TradeKey  – Again lists different products and wholesale suppliers.It is a reliable B2B platform for commerce. The online portal has been instrumental in bridging the gap between buyers and suppliers, importers and manufacturers across 240 countries. One can check what’s happening to create a list of what’s trending.
  • Global Sources  – The first B2B platform listed in NASDAQ under a name GSOL. It was instituted in the year 2000.Shows list of products across different niche and lists down the suppliers.The quality suppliers from a variety of industries make this platform to watch out for. Just like, it is a directory of manufacturers and suppliers but most of them are Chinese. The platform associates itself to the International Trade fairs.
  • Made-in-China  –The B2B portal was instituted in the year 1996. It is a popular B2B portal and the biggest in China. You can see hot items list over here and they cover almost every category of product.The enquiry system is based on one-on-one delivery mode. The foreign buyers can witness the product information as the inquiry mail is sent to their mail. It won’t be sent to any competitor.
  • IndiaMart – The India’s biggest and largest B2B marketplace. It was founded in 1999 and the 60% of market share is the classified space in India. There are 1 million enquiries made daily.This has a separate section on trending products.

11. Consumer Marketplaces

Consumer marketplaces are places that sell directly to consumers. By strategically searching on their trending pages you can get a better sense of current market trends.

Some of these sites are- 

  • eBay Popular – A list of most popular product categories on eBay
  • eBay Watch  – An online tool, which will list the popular items on eBay based on how many people are watching it.
  • Amazon Best Sellers  – Shows Amazon’s most popular sold products.
  • Amazon Movers and Shakers  – Amazon’s biggest gainers in sales ranked over past 24 hours. It is updated hourly.
  • Kickstarter Discover – You can browse all projects based on popularity, funding and many other options
  • Etsy  – This display a list of items which are popular currently.
  • AliExpress Popular  – This shows a detailed list based on category of products which are most popular on AliExpress
  • Storenvy – Provides trending products on Storeenvy.

Amazon has its marketplace in 14 countries including Australia, Canada, France, U.S., Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, and the U.K.

Similarly, eBay has sites for 24 countries including Austria, Canada, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Australia, U.K., U.S. China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

12. Social Curation Sites

Social curation sites like Pinterest, can provide tons of insights about product performance. Many of the images contain new, trending consumer products. Using the inbuilt social signals, you can decipher if the product is popular enough in the market. One of the first clues to finding trends!

Some of the large social curation sites are-

  • Pinterest Popular Section – This is a fastest growing social network with more than 50 million monthly users. The popular section shows the current trends.It is one of the top social image networks in the world.
  • Polyvore – This is similar to Pinterest. It has a separate trends section
  • Fancy – It is considered as a part-time store and magazine. However, irrespective of what it is, it is filled with product ideas to be explored.
  • Wanelo –It stands for Want – Need – Love.It consolidates several products into one portal just like Pinterest. You can start by checking out at brings together world’s shopping with products and stores under one product posting format platform.
  • Instagram– You can search on Instagram over a particular hashtag and following relevant people in the industry. Another option to search on Instagram is by searching applicable hashtags that insinuate buyer interest and intent like #want or #buy. Shopify ( ) curates interesting and unique products from Shopify’s 90000+ online stores. This might as well provide a spark for your next product.Lastly, use the save button to save the potential ideas of products you can sell online. You can always check them out later. Amazing way to see what consumers are using!

13. Search Best Selling on Shopify

You can check hot selling products through popular Shopify apps. Here you can search for popular or frequently used apps. For example, we searched on “Oberlo” which has 1917 reviews. On the display page on browsing to the bottom, you can see several reviews. Click one of the reviews.


Click one of the URL of the review and add “/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling” to the URL. You will be able to see the popular products.


This technique can be used on any Shopify website. To browse all Shopify website, you can use- ( You can filter for Shopify based websites and also specific to a particular region.


On search, you will be displayed a number of sites sorted on the basis of World Site popular rating.


Open the first URL for instance ( and add /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling at the end of the URL. This will provide the complete popular products. This is an extremely powerful way to find trending products.

14. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo allows you to analyze best performing product/ category over Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn along with a number of shares.This provides a trend of popularity within a product niche. You can also conduct an advanced search. After this, find an influencer who is just apt for you to share your message. Evaluate your findings.

All you are required to do is type the product name or the keyword you wish to sell in the Buzzsumo search bar and it will showcase all the trending articles in the niche. Additionally, it allows you to filter by the type of content, including videos, interviews, infographics and more.


You can also track the backlinks. By clicking on the link, you can see the complete product description. This has a free trial version and paid version starts at $79 per month.The same activity can be performed for any niche.

Buzzsumo is just the right platform to select the correct strategy to help figure out the correct product to sell online.

15. Google with Shopify

One of the smartest ways to find a trending product to sell products is through Shopify. Generally, you are required to do some crosschecking on some of the more successful Shopify stores that are selling successfully. Remember, the best products are going to be listed on prospering Shopify stores.

The bestselling products are listed on popular ecommerce stores.

After you reach an apt Shopify store, add “/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling” at the end of the URL. This will help you get the trending products for any niche by utilizing the technique for any store you wish to create in future.

Here is an example:

To search for hot selling products you can go to and type com along with your product niche.


Once you search, you can click the top appearing links and add (/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling) to the link. This will help in checking the top products. Below we have added a similar search for watches.



Finding products is a matter of doing research and proactively discovering trends. The online market is very vast and the time taken to research about a product can vary based on the product niche. Unless you are working ahead of the game, it would be difficult to figure out the right trend.

Many times, trends are short-lived, which means you always need to be watchful and on the lookout for newer insights about the product- just to ensure you do not miss the wave. We have consolidated all of the different tips together, across various channels. Outlined are techniques to find trending products to sell online so that you do not have to worry about searching high-demand products for your online store.

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