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Learnings From The 10 Best E-commerce Designs of 2018

Over the past few years, the e-commerce industry has been growing rapidly and it is expected to continue growing at the same rate, or maybe at an accelerated rate. To guide you through this fierce competition, we bring you the learning’s from 10 best e-commerce website designs.

The number of different e-Commerce websites is available for each and every field. Retail selling is the most common type of e-Commerce website. The other type of services which use e-Commerce websites for their transactions is auction services, B2B service providers, music portals, consultancy services, financial management services etc.

Today, we can see an explosion of e-Commerce websites all around us. But the question is, do all of them succeed? The answer is No, most of them fail. And here are a few reasons why:

  • The most common reasons why an e-Commerce website fails is because they do not give importance or prioritize the needs of the end consumer over the ideas and plans of their business.
  • Delivering a great user experience  is the key deliverable of any top e-commerce website. If you have failed to offer this to your users, it will surely be a difficult road for your business towards driving sales.

So how can one provide a great user experience to their viewers? The answer is by creating a perfect e-commerce website design.

E-commerce websites which are not designed well will not perform adequately and will face higher bounce rates, or get low conversions. So what are the requirements of good web design? Below mentioned are few principles which will help you create an aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and effective website.

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Requirements of a Good E-commerce Website Design are –


People browsing the web want to have instant access to information; hence it is important that your website communicates effectively and clearly. Use clear and simple language, which is easily readable and understandable. Some tactics which you should try including in your web design is using headline and sub headlines for organizing information, try incorporating bullet points instead of using long informative sentences.


Use clear and simple fonts to make your content easily readable. Generally, the use of Sans Serif fonts like Arial and Verdana makes reading online easy. Sans Serif fonts are ideally simple looking fonts having no decorative finishes. For ease of reading online, the ideal font size is 16px. To keep your design layout streamlined, try using the only maximum of 3 typefaces in a 3 different point sizes.


Using a well-planned color palette can play a major role in enhancing the user experience. Use of complementary colors can help in creating balance and harmony. Contrasting colors in text and background gives a calming effect and makes reading easier. One should try incorporating vibrant colors in content to emote feelings.  It can be sparingly used to highlight buttons or for the call to action links. To give a modern and uncluttered look to your website, using white space will be very effective.


It is rightly said, “A picture can speak a thousand words”. Select the correct picture for your website, and it will help in positioning your brand well. This brand positioning will help you connect with your target audience. If you do not want to hire a professional photographer for high-quality photos, you can purchase stock photos which will help improve the look of your website. You can also use infographics, videos, and graphics as they are comparatively more effective at communication than written content.

Listed below are few of 2018’s best e-commerce websites, which will give you an idea of a few elements of designing you should focus while developing and creating your own e-Commerce website design.

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1.Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood is a textile designer who is based out of Brooklyn. She has a beautiful, eye catching e-Commerce website. The website offers a gleaming e-commerce experience to the visitors. The website is a custom-made online store having a perfect responsive design, giving a wonderful view to both the mobile viewers and desktop users.

The images of products which are showcased on the website are pictures of the products in use, this motivates the viewer to actually go ahead and purchase the product. The look of the product being actually used, aspires the viewers to buy.

The best feature of the website design is the ease of buying. You can buy from the main page and everywhere else.

The pictures used for product display and background images in the main banner offer a quick overview of the product information when you roll over on the numbered icons.

By clicking on the option, all the required information is displayed via pop-up. The viewer will be redirected to the product page which has all the required information and the option to buy.

The entire buying cycle is seamless and is well thought-out.

You have probably heard that subscribers to the newsletter are the single most important asset and Rebecca Atwood knows it. It features discount options for visitors who sign up for the company’s newsletter, resulting in increasing the customer base, and the company will be able to reach out to a larger audience with their new product information or any other communication.

2. The Owl 

Owl is an online optics store

The Owl is an online optics store, and they have a very unique e-Commerce website design. Their homepage is not like any regular e-Commerce website homepage. The layout is unique with different product images being displayed and tabs on the page redirecting the viewer to various pages of the website. This helps them stand out and make a difference.

What works for them? Their homepage is very uncluttered and simple to watch. A video automatically starts playing as you reach the homepage. A video is visually appealing and highlights all their products.

The video has a minimalist design and is lightweight. It doesn’t affect the loading speed of the website. The video is edgy and captivating. The video shows users wearing different types of glasses, with no background or color in the backdrop. Full focus on the optics designs completely captivates your attention.

The website has incorporated an innovative style of copywriting, the content is available in multiple languages. This helps in driving business to local customers and to a varied population.

3. Packwire

Packwire website

Going through the Packwire website is fun and you will be surprised by the design. The website design features are innovative and help them stand out from the competition.

The entire website has interesting sliders and pop-ups placed at different points to increase visitor engagement and conversion.

A very lively and attractive website for a comparatively very dull business of packaging.

However, due to the usage of complex animations, the loading speed is affected and can take a long time to load.

4.Caroline Z Hurley

Caroline Z Hurley

A large captivating picture of the product on the homepage will give you the look and feel of the complete website.

The pictures used on the website are simple and natural. The images used do not bombard the consumers with various options to choose from. These natural pictures, arouse viewer interest and motivates them to try the product themselves.

There are no standard images and every image is uniquely selected to communicate the brand, it’s aspiration and functionality to the user.

The photography is simple and focuses on the product details rather than the models.

5.Two Chimps Coffee

Two Chimps Coffee

The web design and layout of this website is rare and intriguing. The menu has an unusual design and has a clever use of pop-ups. The complete website is full of unique features. Wonderful use of pop-ups and quirky thoughts make the website viewing fun and exciting.

As you try to leave the website, a sweet little pop up saying “Please Don’t Go” pops out. Playful use of words in the call to action (CTA) makes the buying process enjoyable. Use of words like “Show me the Coffee” to showcase the list of products is very interesting. Instead of simply saying “Add to a basket or Buy now”, they have used clever CTA which says “Gimme some”.  These CTAs are very original and lovable.

The designer has created customized icons, giving a touch of personalization and uniqueness to the website.

6. Sense6 


The complete website is designed in black and white. This lack of colour gives the website a uniqueness and makes it interesting. Very few subtle metallic colors are used intentionally, keeping the major part of the website in black and white. Small sliders and buttons in gold are used to direct you to important menus and links.

A very subtle and pleasing to the eyes web design makes the website likable and intriguing. Limited use of words and tabs on the page, give it an uncluttered look.

7. Modus Nutrition 

Modus Nutrition website’s homepage

The website’s homepage grabs your attention by providing information on the benefits of the product and how helpful it will be to you. It keeps the narration informative, rather than moving directly to the sales promotions.

The web design has used the long scrolling technique. This saves the users from not getting tired of continuous scrolling through the long paragraphs of information. The latest information is well placed on the page and is made interactive, keeping the viewer involved and interested in the content. The final result is a beautiful e-Commerce web design, providing the right combination of information and attractive images of the products. The long scrolling makes it very easy to go through the website in a jiff.

The website has used a great choice of colors in their design. The clever use of triangles and squares in different colours gives an aesthetic touch to the website.


Mulberry website

This website has a bold and a striking web layout and design. The design uses large images complemented with few words. The pictures are colorful and eye-catching. The web design of Mulberry is ideal to showcase a high-end fashion store. You can draw inspiration from their choice of bold designs and colors, which make the website look very appealing.

Wonderful use of the zoom to hover technique induces the viewer to click on the product and view it in detail. The images are of high resolution and beautifully shot. The zooming of images on placing the mouse cursor on it is very interesting and intelligent.

9.The New York Times Store 

The New York Times Store

The major feature which gives The New York Times Store website an edge over the others is its typography. The content is well organized and placed strategically on the webpage. The fonts used are the perfect representation of the New York Times brand. The various product options are placed well in a simple grid, which makes browsing and shopping easy and uncomplicated.

They have used bold fonts in the header to highlight the sale products and best seller items. The typography though bold is not overbearing, it is very subtle. It draws your attention to the products immediately.

10.Baron Fig 

Baron Fig

This website is made up of interesting design elements. They have incorporated minimal use of photographs, but the few which are used are sharp and well defined. The complete website is made of funny little graphics. Catchy and quirky phrases are used to add the fun element. The color scheme of the website complements their range of products.

At the end of the homepage what will grab your attention instantly is a moving display of snippets from a number of press articles published in GQ, Buzzfeed etc.

This is where we sum up about the top 10 e-commerce website designs of 2018. Do you feel inspired to try one of their ideas?

All you need to remember is, that it is not about how you want the website to look or be presented. It is about how the website is visible to the viewers, how easy or difficult it is for them to carry a transaction on the website.

In short, the websites mentioned above are offering a unique user experience and eventually proving their brand value. These unique e-commerce website design features help these brands in building brand equity and lifetime customer loyalty.

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