How to Bootstrap Product Photographs for Your E-Commerce Business?

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this is indeed true when we talk about E-commerce business. A perfect picture can boost more clicks and encourage more sales. However, this trend is not so on the go but certainly implies to eCommerce. Product photographs in ecommerce are the game changers for your online store.

If you are already into E-commerce, you might already be well-acquainted with the fact that an average looking product makes a professional looking website a mediocre.  If online stores accurately use eCommerce product images, then they can drive sale more efficiently. Images can make the purchase more accessible and help the customers decide which product suits them the best.

Moreover, delivering several high-quality product images on a product listing can turn any browser into a buyer. According to the recent studies, that analyzed data against 9 million products to calculate what product content impacts sales conversions, they determined images are among the most critical criteria that drive buying behavior.

After considering the entire thing let’s give you top actionable tips to adopt for E-Commerce product pages. Turn your product images into your highest paid assets for your online store right away and enhance your product image section with our ultimate guide.

Remember That – Images matter most in ecommerce. When used in a right manner, they can put across vital information about a product and can help to drive sales.

Wait! Are you clear with the basic concepts? Do you know what product photography is?

Product photography


What is Product Photography?

Product photography uses specific techniques to present products in an attractive way and to encourage potential buyers to purchase particular products.

Product photography is an essential part of online and offline advertising for the success of catalogs, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads and corporate websites, when selling products directly to the consumer.

Before getting to know how? You need to understand

Why Do Product Photographs Play A Vital Role?

You might be wondering at why you always require a product image? The answer is simple – The product photo communicates more effectively than the text.

  • A customer before going for the product description will check the images. Images are the first thing buyers see when they land on your product. They capture the attention. The images help to break their opinion of the product.
  • Online shopping has brought convenience. People no longer physically need to walk around the store to choose a product. In this case, they cannot physically touch the product. Images of high-quality products can fill this gap. This helps customers get the information they need. When consumers get all the information they want, they are likely to come back.
  • Good product photos behave like an ambassador for the brand. They describe your brand in the most efficient way possible and make it recognizable.
  • What do you share more about social media? Apparently, if you want to take advantage of social media, you need an attractive photo shoot for your products. Quality and up-to-date photos will give a boost to optical social networks such as Tumbler, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Now you know precisely why a good quality eCommerce product image is necessary. Let’s walk you to some of the best practices to bootstrap product photographs that win customers;

1.Utilize Product Photos In Category Pages

The product page is the most vital place to utilize them, as this is the place customers are thinking about a potential purchase, yet their utilization around an internet business website shouldn’t be neglected.

For instance, pictures utilized amid checkout can give a snappy visual indication of the client’s structure. Product photos on category pages and query items are equally essential. This is regularly the original view (and impression) customers will pick up of products.

In this circumstance, high caliber and effectively clear pictures can help. For instance, take the following two class pages for Lego items. The first is from Barbie Clothes & Shoes, with moderately little pictures.

1. Utilize Product Photos In Category Pages

Let’s give you an example of MARVEL site for the same products. Unlike the images on Barbie, these are big enough to give the user a better impression of the product.

This A/B test demonstrates the same point i.e., the version that ‘won’ (mentioned- below) and which delivered a 9.46% increase in sales was the one in which the product images were biggest.

Example of marvel site for the same products

In all cases, customers are looking at the product as they make the journey from interest, desire and finally action.

PRO-TIP: A/B testing is defined as the act of running a simultaneous experiment between two or more pages to see which performs and converts the best.

2.Let Your Customers Zoom In And Let Them See Products In Use

Details are important, and we often overlook the minor details. Zoom enables your customer to get a better view of how a product will look like in real. However, in most of the cases the particulars like texture is only seen on close up pictures, as shown in the example from –


2. Let Your Customers Zoom In


A well thought out image can not only show what the product looks like but can also show uses for it. Video can perhaps do this more effectively, but here we are talking about images!

Here the image for Ringke Magnetic Gear Car Mount Holder shows correctly how it works. No need for lengthy explanations when a photo speaks for itself.

How Does It Work?


How Does It Work?

A picture can help to demonstrate product features, such as where it can be placed in a car. The image below explains everything.

Demonstrate product features


3.Make Images Look As Beautiful As Ever

If your products look great, make sure images communicate this perfectly. Make the presentation as attractive to the eye as possible. We have a great example from ALDI WINES. It would have been more accessible to use just images of wine bottles, but going the extra mile here made all the difference. And, as a result the site looked great and wines look more amazing.

3. Make Images Look As Beautiful

This makes a lot of sense when the products you sell are exclusive (and expensive). This pair of shoe from KOIO looks fantastic on this image.

Another example,KOIO looks fantastic on this image


4.Only Provide Information Relevant To Images

Sometimes visitors expect more than the images because images can’t convey all the information what they need. So a little bit of context is always required. For instance: ASOS provide information on model, dress, and size. No every website offers such information.

Provide Information Relevant To Images

5.Click Photograph From Various Angles – 360 View

Make sure that the product images you click have enough detail to generate sales. Create the experience of a customer who enters your store and can grasp the product and analyze it from different angles.

For items such as clothing, shoes, and jewelry, people should check the close-up. Provide the zoom option to enter the details. Download images of products clicked from different angles so that customers can remember what the product would look like in person.

As if you have a watch in your list of products, be sure to click on the complete picture, with a model that wears it. Also click on the images like the front, the back etc.

Click Photograph From Various Angles


We can’t say much about where to draw the line between image and the video, but 360 product photography view is effective whatever the situation is.

Here is another example from

Another example from

6.Don’t Leave Out SEO

Images should be optimized for SEO. This means alt and title tags to describe images, as well as ensuring that images load quickly.

In the overall perspective of SEO, image optimization should not be at the top of your list of priorities, but preferably somewhere in the list. Even if you do not want to generate more traffic from the image search results, you should at least make the alt text available when loading fails and improve the image size, so your site is faster.

Image optimization has a positive impact on your campaign, and the good news is that it only takes a few minutes to achieve should encourage you to pursue it.

Here is tool to check your image alt text.

Don't Leave Out SEO

7.High-Quality Images

Quality images are essential for many products, and go side by side with the ability to zoom in.

It’s about showing your products in the best possible light. This is especially important for some high ticket items, such as this £3,200 Ring from BEAVERBROOKS.

High-Quality Images

Quality counts for quantity. For product images, high quality is essential. With high-quality photos, your customers will get the clearest picture possible.

High-quality photos are an indispensable part of the sale. You can choose a DSLR camera or Smartphone to get the best image for your products. When capturing from a digital SLR, make sure you understand the basics such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Get all the elements and click on perfect images with the correct brightness, depth of field and focus. Do not use the flash!

8.Let Your Customer See Image Of Each Variant

If you have more than one color alternative available for the product, your product page must add a photo of each option. Customers appreciate that you show them how the product will be presented in a different color because they don’t like it when they receive a completely different variant of what they saw.

Let Your Customer See Image Of Each Variant

9.Have Consistency

In order to create a consistent online shopping experience for your customers, the images of your products must be consistent.

  • Check the right background, the right lighting; choose between a model and a manikin.
  • It is advisable to avoid using artificial lighting unless you hire an experienced photographer.

Whatever you decide, make sure you stay consistent throughout. Another way to maintain consistency is to make sure that all the photos you select come from the same source. As they are from the manufacturer or your own photographer.


Images retain this potential to give your online store a beautiful appearance. You must merge all the points and create the best possible images in your online store. Plan your image strategy accordingly and post the best charts on your online sales site.

That’s it for you guys. Plan your product images with customers in mind.

When you provide them with beautiful product images, they know exactly what they are ordering when they decide to buy your product. This will make them happy and motivate them to do business with you again in the future. Is not that the management of an online store or any other business? But more importantly, your customers win.

An excellent image, in addition to creating the confidence to help you sell, allows you to get more visits, improve your positioning, increase the time spent on your website and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Now, tell us, how are the images of your e-commerce? Do you really think they help you sell more?



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