Top 3 Social Media Tools to Getting High-Quality Traffic, More!

Do you want to drive high-quality traffic to your website?

There are various ways to increase traffic and have better sales with a noticeable increase in profits. Three of the tried and tested ways have been provided below with examples to help you attract high-quality traffic. This article not only guides you in receiving traffic but also in attracting traffic with a positive outcome on the sales. We’ve mentioned top 3 social media tools to getting high-quality traffic.So without any further ado, let’s jump into the first method.

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1. Instagram- a highly powerful social media tools to drive traffic

Instagram is a highly effective tool to drive traffic to your website and this is because it is basically marketing your product visually. In addition to this, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms to showcase your product.

Do you know that recent studies showed that Instagram gave 25% increased engagement when compared with any other social media platforms? The use of correct hashtags, right filters and posting at the appropriate time will help build a huge following. Use easy to follow, simple updates along with great images to engage your customers.


Share Customer testimonials on your social media

More effective ways to promote your product would be to run campaigns or and post pictures of your existing customers using your product or services. This is an excellent way to attract potential customers by showing that you have happy and satisfied customers using your product. These posts are called user-generated photos and research shows that these photos are 50% more trustworthy than traditional marketing. This would act as a proof and silent recommendation from your customers that your product is being purchased and they are satisfied with it. People feel more comfortable doing what others are doing, hence your product sales would increase by attracting high-quality traffic.

How to choose the best Hashtags

Instagram works well when you choose an appropriate hashtag for all your post. The hashtag (#) is one of the most important aspects of Instagram. These hashtags enable customers to recall your product or brand easily.  So how do we choose the best ones out there?

  • Track your competitor campaigns and check out the hashtags they use.
  • Find similar hashtags and use them.
  • Always trust the holiday spirit, so use holiday associated hashtags.
  • If in doubt, you can always ask Instagram itself.

Track your competitor campaigns and check out the hashtags they use

It is usually true that your competitor might be your biggest strength. In this case, all you have to do is take up the hashtags of your competitor and use it to run your successful Instagram campaigns. If you feel it might be too obvious, then you can always find related hashtags too.

However, you must note that Instagram usually gives you a sneak peek of all the posts that are tagged with a particular hashtag. So you must be careful that your post doesn’t get lost. Try using related hashtags along with the popular ones.

Always trust the holiday spirit, so use holiday associated hashtags

When does a person have a lot of time and is able to browse through his Instagram posts? Yes, you guessed it right! It is usually during the holidays. So plan your posts and campaigns during holiday and use appropriate hashtags. Don’t stop yourself with typical ones, be creative and find new ones.

Brand Hashtags

Not all hashtags can be used by everybody. When a hashtag is specifically created to represent a brand it is called as a brand hashtag. Using such a hashtag will enable you to organize all the post on a hashtag page.

Oreo’s social media integration technique on Instagram

A great example of social media integration was Oreo India’s hashtag “#PlayWithOreo”.  They experimented with the hashtag for their brand. There was a lot of positive engagement happening for Oreo on their Instagram account. They held doodle contest, of course, their biscuits were the hero. The cookie brand continued the ‘play with Oreo’ series and this helped them increase sales through their social campaign on Instagram.



You can now measure your Instagram analytics using a lot of free tools available online and one such tool is ‘Simply Measured’. All you have to do is like their twitter page and this tool provides a detailed report about your Instagram account.

Nevertheless, this report is available only for users who have less than 25000 followers. The report can be downloaded into excel sheets and the data can be analyzed. In addition to this, the report shows a variety of engagement metrics such as engaging tags, the best time to post an update.

Check out Simply Measured


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2. Facebook, one the most popular social media

Another fantastic way to increase scalable traffic is by using Facebook, another growing social media platform. Using Facebook efficiently you can engage with more customers, build a community around your brand and increase traffic to your website.

Create a community with engaging content and images

Users tend to follow a brand only if they want to do so. So engage customers by creating a community which tells your brand story. Connect with the user on a personal level, create content that is real and authentic. Build a community around your brand so that people tend to look forward towards your post. Once you do it the rest automatically happens on its own. Posting frequently on your Facebook page with appropriate images and content makes sure your content is viewed by many. Don’t forget to include a good call to action at the end of every post.


Targeted advertising

Another interesting feature that Facebook offers is the Targeted marketing. Facebook doesn’t show your ad to everybody. It narrows down the audience to customers with needs for your particular product or service. These Facebook ads are only visible to these targeted customers who are potential leads and can drive more traffic to your web page. Make sure that you use relevant web pages to convert these leads to sales.

In simpler terms, a targeted ad caters to a particular group of people from a specific demographic, a group or an individual. These ads are chosen depending on the relevance of the site content.


So how do these ads work?

Ads are targeted to a group of an individual based on several factors.

Demographic: You can choose to show you advertising to people based on their age, gender, work titles, relationship status.

Location: Now with targeted advertising, it is easy to reach your customer who was very far away! You can now select the location of people as one of the key factors for your advertising.

Interest and Behavior:  Based on people’s interest and behavior, you can now select your audience through targeted advertising. These people might be interested in your services and this will drive more traffic to your website.

Custom audience: In fact, you can target your ad to people whom you might already know through your official page. This step will help you build a relationship and might bring more traffic to your web page.


Creating a targeted ad using Facebook Ad Manager

Once your ads are posted, you need to measure how effective your ad was. To do this, Facebook offers, facebook ad manager

Facebook ad manager helps you chose your campaign objective. Once this is done, you can choose your target audience.


After you have selected your campaign objective and you have created an ad account, you would now have to create the ad. Based on traffic, offer, placement, budget and schedule, you can create your ad. It is now ready for your targeted audience.


Facebook targeted ad analytics

You can also see how successful your ad was using the Facebook ad reports. This report will give you the much-needed statistics to understand how effective your ad has been.

Using the Facebook report, check out the following five metrics to understand how effective your ad has been.

  • Actions or the campaign objective
  • Cost per Action
  • Spend
  • Frequency
  • Revenue

Since you are using these targeted ads to drive traffic to your website, monitoring link clicks will help you understand how effectively you have used Facebook to drive traffic to your web page.

3. YouTube Upload videos and drive more traffic to your website

The third method which a lot of people use to generate traffic is to upload videos. It is the latest technique and it seems to be working wonders for a lot of people. Though there is a lot of options available online to upload your videos, ‘YouTube’ is the most famous search engine for videos.

Fun Facts about YouTube

Before we learn how to use YouTube it is essential to learn little fun facts about YouTube and its users.

  • YouTube has been used by children as young as 5 years to adults as old as 95 years.
  • YouTube is used by over a billion users and is growing every single day.
  • People use their mobile devices to watch videos on YouTube more than a laptop or computer; that is almost half the YouTube views are from mobile devices!

So how to use ‘YouTube’ to drive traffic to your website?

Learning this information about YouTube has surely made you understand the impact it can have on our customers. Customers who were once unreachable earlier are now just a video away. So how do we make our video reach the right audience?

  • Select the most preferred keywords which are related to your product or service. Do make sure that the keyword you chose is one of the top-rated keywords. Earlier there was ‘YouTube keyword planner tool’ for selecting keywords but it is not there anymore. So instead, you can use Google Ad word planner to find the appropriate keywords.


  • Once you’re done with the first step, find associated channels on YouTube using your keywords.
  • The following step is relatively easier. Go through the top videos of the channels you have selected. Create similar video!!There are a lot of video editors online to create a professional video. You can try using ‘One true Media’ to create awesome videos. This tool is a robust online video editor. It has a lot of transition effects, easy editing features along with music overlay to create a professional looking video. Read more here.

By creating similar content such as the top-rated video of a particular channel, you have a higher chance of your video being recommended to the people who are interested in the top video due to the similarity. This ensures that people view your video too thereby increasing your popularity and credibility. However, care must be taken to ensure your video is of very good quality. Poorly edited videos and the title does more damage.

Use detailed Video descriptions

To create a really good video, you must make sure that you look into other aspects of the video such as title and descriptions. It is an absolute necessity to include super detailed video descriptions. These descriptions enable YouTube to understand what your video is all about. These descriptions act as long-tail keywords and help YouTube rank your video. Make sure your descriptions are above 200 words.

For example, a make-up artist has shared her tutorial on recreating an awesome look on YouTube and her descriptions are very lengthy and detailed.


Encourage users to subscribe to your video

So you have a great quality video and you are sure that people will love to watch it. However, YouTube doesn’t have any ‘backlink’ concept to understand your growing popularity. So it is important that you encourage your users and viewers to like and subscribe your video. This makes sure that YouTube notices your awesome video.

A simple yet effective call to action at the end of the video or in your description encourages people to subscribe. You can also tell them about your other videos or channels if you have any. Check out how this channel promotes their other channels as well as ask users to subscribe at the end of their video.



Before you use these social media tools to increase traffic to your website, make sure which traffic sources will enable you to reach the right audience. Understand your customers, their likes, their needs so that you can connect with them on a personal level. Make sure you use your energy and resources carefully on driving good traffic to your website. Experiment with different traffic sources before you come to a conclusion.

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